Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Narkawicz Family

Family 1DSC_0482


Family 2 DSC_0482a 


Family 3DSC_0482bw


Family4 DSC_0501

Family 5 DSC_0501a

Kids 1 DSC_0559


Kids 2DSC_0559a


Kids 3DSC_0559bw


Sibling 1DSC_0578(5x7only)


Sibling 2DSC_0578(5x7only)a


Sibling 3DSC_0578(5x7only)b


Carter 1DSC_0591


Carter 2DSC_0591bw


Carter 3 ( same as 1, shirt edited)DSC_0591-shirt


Carter 4DSC_0591-shirta


Carter 5DSC_0602


Carter 6DSC_0602 a


Carter 7DSC_0611


Carter 8DSC_0611a


Carter 9DSC_0611b


Carter 10DSC_0611c 

Carter #11DSC_0607

Carter #12DSC_0607a

Jake 1DSC_0624


Jake 2DSC_0624bw


Jake 3DSC_0645


Jake 4DSC_0653


Jake 5DSC_0653 copy


Jake 6DSC_0653a


Jake 7DSC_0653b


Jesse 1DSC_0658


Jesse 2DSC_0670


Jesse 3DSC_0670a


Jesse 4DSC_0690


Jesse 5DSC_0690a


Brown 1DSC_0714

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kristi’s Senior Pics

#1, #2

DSC_0046b DSC_0046a



#4, #5

 DSC_0007a DSC_0007b

#6, #7

DSC_0008a DSC_0008b



   #9, #10

DSC_0028a DSC_0028b

#11, #12

 DSC_0055a DSC_0055b

#13, #14


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